Vegetarian Curry Puff

Curry puff is definitely one of my all time favorites. Reminds me a lot about my childhood! We have a grocery store in my small cozy town. It’s a family run business and I have to help out the shop whenever I am free. The best part is that when it’s only my mum and me at the shop. Specially evening time after lunchtime, there’s this small street vendor right opposite under the big old tree who sells Indian’s snacks. So we always go there to buy some of those cute tiny crunchy snacks. And the one that I love the most it’s their Vegetarian Curry Puffs! Freshly fried, hot, crunchy and crispy!

Yum Yum Yum! Just by thinking bout it makes me drool.

Now that I am older, I always wanted to have it back. But they stopped selling for quite a long time. So now I try to remake it. I guess I love it so much not only cause it taste good but also because of the memories.

Vegetarian Curry Puff

It’s slightly time consuming but trust me it’s worth it both the look and the taste! I am making it Vegetarian. But of course you can put any filling inside. It’s up to you. Be creative! I got this recipe from this site. The Mini Sam Tan Kitchen . It is the closet to what I remember how it tastes like.

We need to make 2 different types of dough.

First the Water Dough

300g Flour

½ tsp Salt

½ cup Lukewarm Water

1 small Beaten Egg

1 tbsp Vegetable Oil

1.Combine all together in a clean bowl. Knead it well until it’s soft, pliable and not sticky.

2. Divide it into two equal balls and cover it. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

To save time, obviously you can use the electric mixer. Since I don’t have one I have to use my hand to knead. It’s fun!

Second, Oil Dough

75g Cold Butter (Cut in Cube)

150g Flour

1.Combine it in another clean bowl. Using your fingers slowly pinch and mix the cold butter and flour until it resembles into coarse sand like.

2.Knead it by hand until shiny and smooth.

3. And again, divide it into 2 equal balls and cover it.

The Potato Curry Filling

And again, you can put any filling you like inside. Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian.  Spicy or non spicy.

Saute over medium heat until fragrant:

1 large Onion, finely chopped

2 Garlic Cloves, finely chopped


2 tbsp Good Curry Powder (I uses Baba’s Brand)

2 large Potatoes, cut into small cubes

1/2 Carrot, Cut into small cubes

Salt and sugar to taste

About 1 cup water

Simmer, stirring occasionally until all moisture is absorbed and potatoes and carrots are tender. Leave to cool thoroughly before using.

Assembling time! The fun part begins!

1. Enclose one ball of grease dough neatly in a ball of water dough.

2. On a lightly floured surface, roll out into a very thin oval with a rolling pin,
then roll up tightly from one end to the other like a Swiss roll.

3. Turn the rolled up tube 90 degrees (so one end faces you) and repeat the previous step- flatten it thinly again lengthwise into a long oval , then roll up tightly like a Swiss roll.

4.With a sharp knife, slice into 1cm discs (or thicker if making larger puffs). The spiral layers should be clearly visible.

5. Flatten each disc into a thin circle with a rolling pin (as thin as

you can get it without the layers splitting apart).

6. Place the rolled out pastry onto a curry puff mould (or use your palm if you don’t have one).
Fill with just enough potato curry in the middle- not too much or it will burst!

7. Fold the mould over carefully to enclose, peeling off any excess pastry from the sides.

If you prefer to crimp manually, pinch the edges flat and fold in at

a 45 degree angle to form a rope as pictured.

8. Deep fry in hot oil over medium-high heat, tossing continuously until golden brown.

9.Remove with a pair of wooden chopsticks or a slotted spoon, shake off excess oil

and drain on kitchen towels before serving.