Banana and Mango Yogurt Gelato

I love fruits, especially tropical fruits; banana, mango, rambutan and so on. You name it and I love it!  Saw this recipe from Donna Hay and immediately it attracts me for two reasons. First, she uses tropical fruits and second it’s gelato. And it’s extremely easy to make! Suitable for those whose doesn’t know how to cook. Very light and guilt free dessert. What more can you asked.

All you need is 3 ingredients.

Banana and Mango Yogurt Gelato

2 Banana, diced

3 Mango, diced

Once everything is diced, keep it in a separate Tupperware or zip lock bag. Throw it in to the freezer. Let it freeze till it became solid. It will eventually take up to 4 hours depends on your freezer.

Didn’t you say you need 3 ingredients? Yes I did. Be patient.

The last ingredient is Yogurt.

The original recipe asked for a cup or 280ml yogurt.

I used a whole tub of thick Greek Fat Free Yogurt 430ml.

Dump everything into a blender. And blend! Once everything it’s well combined and blends thoroughly. You can scoop it all out into a clean Tupperware, cover it and let it sit inside the freezer for another couple of hours. Just until it’s hard enough to scoops.

And there you go, guilt free dessert but yet satisfying.