Chrysanthemum Jelly

Hot weather? What do you usually eat or drink? If I complain that the weather is hot. My parents will ask me either drink lots of water or drink more cooling herbs tea “Liong Sui”. Malaysian Chinese will know what I meant by it. I love most type of herbs tea expect those that’s bitter. I know it’s much better than the sweet one. I just don’t like it. I will only drink it when I have to drink it. I will avoid it as much as I could.

The other day, I went to this Jogoya Restaurant located in Starhill, Kuala Lumpur. I had this Chrysanthemum Jelly. I love it. The fact that it’s cooling and it’s served cold I like it more. So here I am back home, making it. I think it will taste better and look better if I add some Goji berries (Gei Chi) into it. But since I don’t have it, I just make it simple.

Chrysanthemum Jelly


1 packet Dried Chrysanthemum Flowers – soaked & washed clean

½ packet Cane Sugar – add more to your liking

2.5liters Water
1.5 tsp Agar agar powder


1.Bring 2.5liter water to boil.

2.Add in the chrysanthemum flowers and sugar cane for around 30mins – 45 mins.

3.Dissolves the agar agar powder with 3tbsp of water.

4.Add it into the chrysanthemum tea.

5.Bring it to boil over low heat and until the entire agar agar is dissolved.

6.Pour it into any container or ramekins that you like. Decorate it with some of the Chrysanthemum flower.

7.Set it aside to cool. And keep it inside the fridge to set the jelly.

8.Served it cold