Chocolate Clementine Pot

If you all went to those all you can eat dinner or buffet; you will notice that most places provide these chocolate fountain. Basically a whole lot of flowing melted chocolate that you can dip it with whatever things you like. Marshmallows, fruits, cakes, gummy bears, and etc. I always wish that I have one of those fountain at home. Chocolate it’s just heavenly. Love, love, love it!

Since a whole chocolate fountain seems a lot. How about chocolate pot? That sounds just right to me! And it’s the dessert that everyone would fall in love with. Just to spice up a little bit and to differentiate it to those chocolate fountain you tasted, I added some clementine zest into it. Orange and chocolate its one brilliant pair!

Chocolate Clementine Pot


200gm 70% Dark Chocolate

Knob of Butter

300ml Single Cream

1 Clementine Zest

Pinch of Salt

Biscuits for Dipping


Extremely easy!

1.Double boiler. Just put everything in except for the biscuits.

2.Mixing it occasionally until all chocolate is melted and well mixed.

3.Pour it into small espresso cup.

4.You can serve it both cold or hot. I prefer it hot. I love it when it’s completely melts.

5.Serve it with some biscuits on the side and you are ready to go!