Half Boiled Egg with Grilled Asparagus

I bet most of you will stay in bed longer than usual during weekend. And when you wake up, you will want some delicious luscious and healthy breakfast but not time consuming at the same time.

Half Boiled Egg with Grilled Asparagus

The creaminess of the egg yolk oozing out to the lightly salted grilled asparagus. Sounds so good. It would be nice to wrap the asparagus with bacon. I’ll definitely try it next time.

I find it hard to make hard-boiled egg. I failed 2 times. Back at home; we have this kitchenware that’s made especially for it. No fails every time!  But now; I couldn’t find it here, so I have to use the old fashion way.




Water enough to cover the eggs in a pot





1.Bring the water to boil rapidly. Add in 1 tsp of salt.

2.Turn off the heat. Put in the egg, cover it with the lid and set the timer for 4-5minutes.

3.In a separate pot or pan, add in water enough to cover the asparagus. Add in some salt. Let it come to boil.

4.Strain the asparagus from the water.

5.Put it back inside the pan. Add in a knob of butter. And let it grill till golden brown.

6.To serve it, plate the asparagus on a plate. Cracked the top of the egg if you are serving it with an egg stand or cup. This way you can just dip your asparagus into the half boiled egg. Or just cracked it open and let all the egg ooze out on top of the asparagus. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper. And it’s ready to be served!