Chocolate Lime Pie

As a Malaysian, I don’t think anyone is unfamiliar with “Teh O Ais Limau” which means “Ice Lime Tea” I am a loyal fan of it. Always order this or “Teh Tarik” literally mean Pull Tea (Milk Tea) whenever I visit a Mamak store.

Which makes me wonder what a lime pie taste like. I saw a lot in the magazines. It looks really nice and tempting to me. And due to my curiosity yet again, I went home and googled it. After hours and hours of googling, I found the perfect recipe from Nigella Lawson. Simple. That’s what I am always up for. The ingredients that are easily to be purchase. Everything in the ingredient list sounds familiar to me. So I have to give it a try.

Never ever try a lime pie before. But I did taste lime cheesecake before. I wonder if it tasted the same. That’s like the only think crossed my mind while I am whipping up the cream. But in the end, I really like it! Even the person who only consider chocolate as dessert said it tastes good! So I am really happy about it!

Chocolate Lime Pie


3 cups Digestive Cookies Crumbs (I used the Light Digestive Cookies)
1 tbsp Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
4 tbsps Unsalted Butter, softened
¼ cup Bittersweet Chocolate Chips

1 x 395g can Sweetened Condensed Milk, Chilled (I used Nestle Fat Free Sweetened Condensed Milk)
4-5 Limes, to give approximately 2 tbsps finely grated zest + ¾ cup (180ml) juice
1 ¼ cups (300ml) Heavy Cream
1 square Bittersweet Chocolate

1.Lightly butter a 23cm (9in) fluted tart pan, 5cm (2in) deep, with a removable bottom.
2.Put the crackers, cocoa powder, butter and chocolate chips in the bowl of a food processor and process until a sandy mixture forms. Transfer to the prepared tart pan and press onto the base and sides. Refrigerate while you make the filling.
3.Pour the condensed milk into the large bowl of an electric mixer. Zest the limes into a bowl, tightly cover with plastic wrap and set aside for decorating the tart later. Squeeze the juice of the limes until you get the required amount. Add the juice to the condensed milk and mix to combine.
4.Pour the heavy cream into the mixture and whisk in medium-high speed until thick. Spread over the tart base and refrigerate again for 4 hours or until filling is very firm (refrigerate for longer if your condensed milk was not chilled).
5.Before serving, grate the chocolate over the filling and sprinkle with the lime zest. Serve immediately – do not keep the pie out of the refrigerator for long.