Roti Jala (Net Crepes)

Roti Jala also known as “ Net Crepe “ just because it does look likes a net. And it’s often serve with curry. It’s a very well known crepe with an Asian touch in Malaysia. I used to see people sell this in the food bazaar during Ramadan period. It’s like the best month ever. My mom, my sis and me often visit the bazaar to shop for food for our dinner. And they do sell amazing food for quite good price to be honest. Since I moved out to a new country. I do sometimes crave for hometown and home cooked food. In order to satisfy, my palate I have to learn to cook. And thanks to Mr.Google, Mrs.Youtube, awesome bloggers out there, my mum and my sis for sending me some good recipes. I managed to cook some of those foods that I miss.

Roti Jala

I do have one minor problem making this roti jala. I don’t have the mould. So I use an empty condensed milk can. Poke some holes and wala! My own roti jala mould!

By the way, I will not post the curry recipe in this post. Will definitely post it some other time. Malaysian Chicken Curry. Delicious!


2 cups All Purpose Flour

2 Eggs

2 cups Coconut Milk (Thin consistency)

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Turmeric Powder



  1. Sieve the flour and set aside.
  2. In a big bowl, mix all the ingredients well together and strain the batter.
  3. Heat up a pan with medium heat and grease it with some butter or ghee.
  4. Pour some batter into the mould and transfer the mould to the pan.
  5. As the batter flows through the holes of the mould, make circular rounds around the pan to form the netty patterns.
  6. After the top is set and done or when the bottom turns light brown, transfer the Roti Jala out and fold it into triangle shape or roll it up.
  7. Arrange a few Roti Jala on a serving plate and add some curry chicken on the side and serve immediately.