Yau Kok Zhai 油角仔 (Crispy Dumpling)

Today it’s the Chinese New Year Eve for 2012.  Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Wish you all a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

I won’t be able to celebrate it with my family. I am gonna miss the whole celebration. Let’s hope that my beloved sister will snap lots of picture! But still I will turn up my Chinese New Year song out loud! And have my reunion dinner here. Probably will be having hotpot tonight. Love it! I think the only thing that’s missing it’s a good chili sauce!  Oh! I bet all kids will be so happy receiving ang pow (red pocket) and eager to open it just to find out how much they get this year. When I was a kid, I usually keep it till end of the Chinese New Year before I open it. How bout you guys?

Since it’s Chinese New Year, I thought of sharing with you a Chinese New Year cookie recipe.

Yau Kok Zhai 油角仔 (Crispy Dumpling)

The ingredients are easily to be purchased.  But I do have to warm you that it’s quite time consuming. So get all the help you can! Plus is really a good way to build your relationship with your kids or friends or your spouse. You guys will have fun!


For the Pastry

600gm High Ratio Flour

120gm Margarine / Butter / Lard

2 Eggs

120gm Cold Water

1.Using a food processor/bread maker put the margarine, flour, eggs and water into the machine. Process it till it became dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes.

For the Filling

300gm Roasted Peanuts – Skin removed and finely chopped.

80gm Roasted Sesame Seeds

200gm Shredded Coconut

1.Mix all the filling ingredients together.

Enough Oil for frying


1.Use pasta machine or rolling pin, roll the pastry into a thin sheet and use cookie cutter to cut into 1 ¾ -2 inches rounds.

2.Put in ½tsp filling into the center of the cut pastry and wrap up the filling. Pinch edges neatly.

3.Heat up the oil to 170degree celcius to deep fry the pastry. Fry till it’s golden brown using medium heat. It takes about 8 minutes.

4.Remove from the oil and leaving them on cooling rack.

5.Let it completely cool before storing it into the container.

And again! Happy Chinese New Year!