Project 1: Vanilla Extract

My very first project that I’m gonna blog about from the beginning till the end product. I will try my best to update the process. I am making my own Vanilla extract not only cause of economical reason. The main reason is because I can’t find any vanilla extract in this country! Probably it’s because most extract contains alcohol. All I can find here it’s vanilla essence, which everyone knows that it, can never beat the extract. All I need for this project is Vodka, Vanilla pods, and a clean tight cover bottle or jar. Easy right?

Here’s the thing, I am using Vanilla Absolut Vodka. I am not sure if it will affect the process. But this is what I got at home. I think it shouldn’t be a problem, it’s just vanilla flavor for vanilla extract. LOL! Will definitely keep you guys posted regarding it. And eventually I will keep adding more vanilla pods till I think it’s enough. For now I only put 2 pods inside with vanilla bean scraped out and adding it to the vodka. Once everything is in the bottle, keep it in the cool dry dark place. Try to shake once every few days. One down side is that, it will take approximately 6 months. I know it’s a long time! But home made always best! Right? And again it’s gonna be fun! You will be so proud with the end product!

Vanilla Extract