Orange Granita with Blackberry Topping

I have to confess with you guys, my other addiction. I love watching cooking show. Anything related with food and cooking I’ll watch it. I always turn on the food channel on TV. And if it doesn’t interest me, I’ll watch it online. The other day, I was watching the Masterchef  Australia, and they are making the Snow Egg from Quay. It seems to be very famous dessert. But it’s the first time I heard or seen it. It looks so magical. I seriously wonder how it taste like. It sound be awesome. I never ever try a poached meringue. More things added to my book. Should try to make some of it next time. But for now, I made a simple version of Snow Egg. Well, minus the egg. Just the snow for now. Once, I manage to figure out the rest of the component. I’ll try to mimic the famous Snow Egg!

Orange Granita with Blackberry Topping



600ml Orange Juice

3tbsp Sugar

1.Pour the orange juice and sugar into a pot.  Bring it to boil or until all sugar dissolves.

2.Pour the juice into a container and let it cool. Before putting it into the freezer.

3.Take it out every hour and use fork to scrape the semi frozen liquid into fine granules.

4.Keep doing it every hour till it’s completely frozen.

Blackberry Topping

As for this, I don’t have an exact measurement for it.

But all I did was add blackberry, sugar and a little water into a pot. Bring it to simmer until sugar dissolves and turn into thick syrup. Turn off the heat. And let it cool.

I then whipped some cream into soft peak consistency; add in some of the blackberry syrup with the blackberry. Give it a nice swirl.


1.Find a nice glass, spoon in some of the orange granite and top it up with the blackberry topping. I added 2 whole blackberries for better presentation. It’s totally optional.