Kim Chi Fried Rice

Today I want to share with you about something that’s been bothering me for quite a while now. And it’s getting worst as I am watching lots of TV show related to eating disorder. I came across this TV show that talked about toddlers with fast food! Seriously, don’t you think that this is just a little too much by feeding your toddlers fast food? How can anyone feed these innocent toddlers junkies in such a young age? How can this society ever beat obesity? They are practically poisoning the kids. Poor kids. I got so angry that I just turn off the TV. I just can’t continue watching it.

After watching all these TV shows, whenever I walk around the malls or streets, I became more conscious with what people are eating or buying. And it’s so true; all I see are people buying tons of junkies. Lots of kids that’s overweight running around holding ice cream or chocolate, or they are crying out loud for one. Today, I saw something really interesting. While I was queuing up to buy my dinner, I look around out of curiosity and to prove my point that most people will head directly to the fast food chain. It did prove me right! Out of I think around 10 stores in the food court, the most crowded store are those that sells burgers. I am not saying that I don’t eat fast food. I love it and I eat it once every 2 or 3 weeks, but it’s sad to see people choosing these and not the healthy stuff. I know a huge factor people choose them because the price difference. It’s true that it’s cheaper. But come on, it’s your health, your life that you are dealing with.

Trust me, you can always cook something at home that it’s cheap, fast and healthier than fast food! At least you know what’s inside your food. You can always adjust to your liking. As an Asian, I can’t live without carbs mainly rice. I have to eat some rice just to feel that I ate something. So I will have at least one meal of rice everyday. But sometimes I am lazy to cook side dishes to go with the steamed rice. So I found this extremely easy, cheap and fast recipe from Maangchi. Yes it’s her again! It seems that I am going on a Korean streak all week long. But she does have good recipes. So I am gonna try out those that look appealing to me! So it’s Kim Chi Fried Rice. It’s so fast, you can prepare this in less than 10 minutes if you have leftover rice. And I highly recommend that whenever you want to fried rice, use leftover rice.

Kim Chi Fried Rice


1cup Chopped Kimchi

1tbsp Hot Pepper Paste

2bowls Rice

Sesame Oil (Optional)

I added one extra fried egg to go with the fried rice.


1.Add some oil to the heated pan. Put in the chopped kim chi and stir it for about 3 minutes.

2.Add in the hot pepper paste and rice. Keep stirring it until it’s well combined.

3.Turn off the heat. Drizzle some sesame oil. And it’s ready to be served!

Told you it’s easy! And it’s so delicious! I can have it all day long…