Crunchy Chocolate

Ah, memories. I was very young when I first had this. I still remembered very well, which aunt gave it to us. She stated that it’s her daughter who made it. I fell in love with it the first bite. My mum explained to me that it’s a really simple recipe. All you need to do its to melt the chocolate, and mix in the cornflakes. And there you have it. If I am not mistaken, I was either 8 or 9 years old. I have no clue about how to melt a bar of chocolate using double boiler. I don’t even know what is double boiler. So I took a bar of cooking chocolate, ran upstairs to the kitchen. Took a pot, put in on the stove. Dump in the chocolate, turn on the heat and start melting it. Within a minute or so, there’s smoke coming out, the burned smell was so strong that my mum can smell it from downstairs. She ran up to the kitchen and start yelling at me. What are you doing? What is going on? You are burning something here! I told her innocently that I am trying to melt the chocolate. She came to me, turns off the heat, took the pot and put it in the sink. She told me that this is not the way of melting the chocolate. And said that I burned her pot! I wonder if she still kept that pot. I have no idea.

There goes my burning pot experience. But good side is, I learned something new. My mum later then showed me how to melt chocolate the proper way. And when I was older enough, I made it again with my sister and brother. Miss the sister and brother time! We used to fight or argue a lot, but in the end we still love each other a lot deep inside. We protect each other from strangers or outsiders. We stand by each other. I love you guys!

Crunchy Chocolate

Now this is a very flexible recipe, because its really to your liking. Only two ingredients needed.



As for chocolate, you can either use milk chocolate if you like it sweeter or you can use dark chocolate for less sweet. I used half semisweet chocolate and half dark chocolate.

You just need to melt the chocolate using double boiler method. Once all is melted, remove from the heat. And add in the cornflakes. I just keep adding and mixing till all the cornflakes is coated well with the melted chocolate.

Spoon the mixture to the paper cup and put it in the fridge till it’s ready to be serves.

Enjoy another easy recipe!