Steamed Egg Cake (Ji Dan Gao)

I know what you guys thinking there. Not again… Steam? I have to figure out something else other than bake. So steam is one of my options. Just bare with me a little while. I do have quite a lot of recipe using this method. But I definitely will do something other than steaming. But to be honest, steaming is fun! Is exactly like baking! I think it’s healthier compare to baking. Just the idea of it sounds healthier.

As I said before, I do lots of research regarding food. And now I ended up with a whole long list! I cook one everyday but I researched three recipes every single day. Sometimes more. I wonder how will I be able to finish at least 50% of the recipes! LOL!! One thing good is that this will last me for another month full of blog posts! Just hope that I won’t be lazy. LOL!

So, this afternoon, I made some Ji Dan Gao. I hope I called it right. But it’s definitely Steamed Egg Cake! It’s been a long while since I had one. I even forgot how it tastes like. I don’t remember the texture. All I remember is that I always see people selling it in the kuih stall. There’s few version of the recipe. Some uses club soda, and some uses ovalette. Even though it’s a very simple recipe, it is very tricky. I have to make twice. I failed the first time.

Here is why. The first cake, I find it very dense at the bottom of the cake. I suspected that I didn’t beat the egg enough. So I tried it the second time, and I spent more time beating the egg into a very pale color, thick and ribbon stage. And it succeeded! Proud of myself. LOL! I finally got it right! Soft, and fluffy! Just the texture that I am looking for! Now I am actually eating it while blogging with a cup of hot Ipoh Coffee. What else can I ask for? It’s just bliss and pure happiness! Not only to my stomach. But also to my mind and soul.

Steamed Egg Cake (Ji Dan Gao)

(I adapted this recipe from The Little TeoChew)


4 large Eggs

210gm Caster Sugar

230gm Cake Flour, sifted

1tsp Vanilla Extract

6tbsp Cream Soda or 7Up


1. Whisk the eggs and sugar till creamy and stiff. The mixture should look a very pale yellow and the volume should double. In baking terms, beat till “ribbon stage”.

2. Add vanilla extract.

3. Fold in the flour in thirds, alternating with the soda, and ending with flour. I had sifted my cake flour 3 times prior, to give make it light and airy.

4. Pour mixture into a bamboo steamer lined with greaseproof paper.

5. Steam the cake on high, for about 30 mins.