Mango Mochi

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Struggling what to do? What to give as valentine’s gift? Why not make some homemade sweet or cook for your love one? Or both of you can have fun in the kitchen. Cook a meal together. It’s really fun! Plus, if you notice, the restaurants tend to be double or triple the price for the same meal during that day! So why waste money on it? You can definitely create your own romantic atmosphere at home! And you will feel more comfortable. I am not sure about you girls out there, but I find that when guys in the kitchen, they look sexy! I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s such a good reason to make your guy cook for you, if he doesn’t cook! If he knows how to cook, then lucky you! Hold on him tight!

So I would like to dedicate this recipe for this special day. It’s a recipe for the mango lovers! I am a huge fan of mango! Sour or sweet, both works with me! Make sure you buy the sweet mango for this recipe! I don’t know how to choose a good mango. So I googled it right before I leave the house to the Supermarket. It seems that you have to smell the mango, if there’s a nice smell of mango then it’s good. And if you use your finger to press on it, it’s slightly soft. It’s a good mango. I followed the advice how to pick a good mango. And I bought 5 mangoes. I was so eager to cut it open to see if it’s sweet enough for the recipe. I tasted it. And it’s GOOD! It’s sweet and full of flavor. We learn new things everyday!

Mango Mochi


160gm Glutinous Rice Flour

15gm Rice Flour

150gm Mango Puree (Diced up the mangoes and blend!)

200gm Coconut Milk

50gm Water

80gm Caster Sugar

1tbsp Vegetable Oil (Unflavored Oil)

Diced Mangoes

Dried Shredded Coconut


1.Sift the glutinous rice flour and rice flour into a bowl.

2.In a pot, add in the mango puree, coconut milk, water, caster sugar and vegetable oil. In medium to low heat, bring it to boil. *Boil rapidly*

3.Once it comes to a boil, immediately pour in the piping hot mixture into the flour mixture. Immediately, stir it together.

4.Mix it very well. It should be thick and sticky.

5.Greased a pan with oil. Put in the thick and sticky dough.

6.Put the pan into a steamer. Steam it over high heat for 20 minutes or until it’s fully cooked.

7.Once it’s done, removed it from steamer and put the pan to an ice bath for 10 minutes.

8.After 10 minutes, keep turning the dough until it’s fully cool down or else it will be hard to manage when you wrap it.

9.Oil the working surface to prevent the dough to stick on it. Another tips, to prevent it to stick on your hand, wear plastic gloves.

10.Divide it into 20 portions. With each portion, make the dough flat, and add in the diced mangoes.

11.Then wrap dough up and seal the opening with a tight pinch.

12.Dust the mocha with the shredded coconut.

13.Repeat until all dough is used up. Chill the mochis before serving.