Tom Yam Noodle

One thing good about making a one-pot meal is that you can just dump whatever left over ingredients you have in the fridge. Okay, that doesn’t sound right. What I mean is that it’s a great way to clear your fridge and not waste any ingredient. Now it sounds better. I think. Who cares as long as its good food, delicious food, ingredients that I love and if it’s a good combination, then I am totally fine with it. Here’s the thing, I bought 3 pieces of chicken breast the other day, and I cooked two of it with the peas stew on my previous post. So I left with one. But one piece of chicken breast doesn’t feed two people. So I try to search the whole fridge to see what I can cook it. And I came to realize that I have a small pack of tom yam paste that I brought all the way from Malaysia. Keep searching and searching, I found cabbage, baby corn, crabsticks, mushrooms, and chili padi. Well this might work! I can actually cook tom yam for dinner. But it still wont feed two people! So I search my kitchen cabinet to see if I have noodles. Guess what? I found rice noodles! There you go, dinner will be serves shortly.

Now you can tell me that Tom Yam paste is full of MSG. I agree but its fine to have it once a while. For those who always complain that they have no time to cook, using paste is the only fast option for certain recipes. I like to use ready-made paste when I cook Tom Yam and Curry. Saves me tons of time!

Tom Yam Noodle


1 pack Tom Yam paste (I used Adabi brand)

Basically just follow the instruction it said on the back of the packet.

I added in mushroom, baby corns, cabbage, and crabsticks and because I want it to be spicier I added chili padi. It’s totally up to you what you want to put inside the pot. Be Creative! This is all cooking about! There’s no restriction. Just follow to your liking! And in the end a bit salt and pepper to taste.

As for the rice noodle, soaked it in the water till it’s soften. Using a small pot with water boiling inside, add in the rice noodle. Cooked it for 3-4 minutes or until it’s cooked. Drained it and put the noodles in a clean bowl. Pour in the tom yam soup that you just prepared. Delicious! Delicious!