Char Siew (Barbeque Sweet Pork)

My room is full of the sweet pork aroma now. Drooling. Can’t wait to have lunch! But I was so excited that I decided to blog about it before I clean my plate up! It’s so tempting as it is right in front of me now. You know what, let me have a bite first. Delicious! I miss char siew! I don’t know where else serve these dish other than Singapore and Malaysia. On my previous trip back to Malaysia, my mum cooked this dish for me. At first I thought it’s a very complicated dish that needs oven and etc. It tastes complicated to me. I never have a clue how it’s prepared until my mum demonstrate it to me. I never thought it’s gonna be this easy! I did try to cook pork before in this country. But I dislike the porky smell. It’s just not the same as in Malaysia. This time I decide to try it again but using the organic pork. Hoping it taste better. And it does! Less porky smell! I bought it in Waitrose. They don’t always have the organic pork in stock. I was just lucky.

So here goes the recipe

Char Siew (Barbeque Sweet Pork)


500-600gm Lean Pork Loin (Preferably with some fat, I learnt from my mistake. I bought pork with no fat thought it will be healthier, but it’s quite dry. There’s just something that won’t taste good if you are trying to make it healthier. And this is one of it)

3tbsp Light Soy Sauce

1tbsp Honey

3tbsp Sugar


1.Marinade the pork with the soy sauce, honey and sugar. I marinade it overnight.

2.Heat up the pan, add in some oil.

3.Once the pan is heated, put in the marinade pork.

4.Fry it in lower heat until it’s fragrant.

5.It will slowly turn darker color and sticky due to the soy sauce and sugar.

6.Flip over to the other side, lower the heat and let it cook thoroughly.

7.Once it’s completely cooked, turn off the heat. Dish out the char siew by slicing it into 1/2cm thickness.

8.You can serve it with rice, noodles or bun.

Ain’t it easy?

P/S: For those who dislike pork or due to religion reason, you can opt the pork with chicken. Just make sure it’s boneless and with skin on. It taste just as good! I prefer to prepare it with chicken thigh. It will be very juicy and tender!