Chocoholic is back! I am always in search for new chocolate recipes. And I heard a lot about this famous Japanese Namachocolate made by Royce. It’s known as “Fresh Chocolate”. I never tasted it before but I’ve seen how it looks like.  So I thought to myself I have a new task in hand, which is to search for the perfect Namachocolate recipe! After two nights of searching and researching I finally found it! I found two different recipes to be exact. But the first one is a failure and I am not gonna tell you where I got the recipe from. The second one is a success!

Just imagine when it hits your mouth, for the split second you can taste the strong, bitter cocoa powder. Comes with the second stage of the cold, creamy, rich chocolate that just melts in your mouth! I have to say that it’s such a pleasure to eat these squarish babies. I think everyone will have an orgasm just by having it! LOL! Why do I say so? Because the moment people start picking up the chocolate the room will be so quiet and when they start tasting it, all you can hear it “ooo.. ,aaa…., mmmm…, and so on…”



160gm Bitter Chocolate

90ml Whipping Cream

10gm Glucose Syrup

10gm Butter


1.In a clean pot, heat up the whipping cream and glucose syrup until it’s lightly boiled and the glucose syrup are melted.

2.Chop up the chocolate. Add it into a clean bowl together with the butter.

3.Once the whipping cream mixture comes to a boil, pour it into the chocolate and butter.

4.Mix it till everything is melted into a smooth chocolate texture like.

5.Pour the mixture into a mold and refrigerate it for an hour.

6.Take it out, and cut it into square shape and last step is to dust it with cocoa powder.

7.Refrigerate it until it’s ready to be serve.