Recently I received a lot of complains from friends and readers regarding their loved one that they always compare their home cook foods with their mum’s home cook foods. I remembered there’s this afternoon, I was walking towards the metro with some of my friends. And came this lady overheard our conversation about what food I am gonna prepare for my loved one for dinner. She came up to up and asked why do I even bother to prepare food when they always complain and compare it to their mum’s cooked foods. After a short conversation with her, I came to realized that this lady always go out in the afternoon and buy ready cooked meal from the foodcourt and pretend that it’s her who cooked the meal. And since her husband compliment her with the so called “Home cooked” meal, she do the same thing all over again every single day!

Now if you asked me if I ever receive such comparison from my loved one. The answer is YES! Of course! Absolutely! If I tell you that he never ever compare then I am lying! But it’s also normal for them to compare. Don’t blame them! And even more important never ever blame yourself that your food doesn’t taste like his mum’s cook food. It’s not supposed to taste the same anyway!! I remember the first comparison I got from him is the Tomato salad!

YES! You heard it right! Even such a simple tomato salad I have difficulty of keeping it up with him. Well, I am not a good cook the first place. Imagine me learning a foreign cuisine when I am not a good cook in my own cuisine. Big FAILURE! And I remember his mum telling me that I have to learn how to cook for his son. I guess you ladies received these lots too huh? But guess what? After receiving such critics and with the pressure is on! I determined to learn to cook from his mum just to prove that I do can cook!

I guess this is how I fell in love with cooking at the same time. It was tough at the beginning. Trust me I am extremely clumsy with my cooking. Either I burned it, too salty, tasteless or I was busy worrying that the oil will splash on me! So yeah, you can imagine how clumsy I am back then. But here I am now, cooking my way, and he loves my foods, and he is definitely proud of it. No more complains. I learned some of the cooking from his mum and sis but I always add my own little twist to it.

So ladies, don’t give up on cooking! Don’t give up on learning! As long as you start from the simple cooking, perfect it and move on to challenging yourself when you think you are ready. The first few things I learn is extremely basic, just you have an idea how noob I am with cooking.

I start by learning how to make a tomato salad their way, then I moved on to grilled sandwich roll, and then I move to grilling meat. See extremely basic stuff I learned the first 2-3 months.

Don’t feel bad when they start to compare, they will soon get used to your style of cooking and they will later fall in love to it! They will so eager to come home to your home cook food! Trust me on this; they will start calling you from the office asking what’s cooking? What’s for dinner?

Today’s recipe is one of the recipes I learnt from his family. Very easy to cook and cheap!




1 cup Brown Lentils

3/4 cup Long Grain Rice

2 cups chopped Onion

1 tbs Salt

2 tbs Olive Oil

4 cups Water

1 cup Sauteed Onions for garnish


1.Heat up a pot on medium heat, add in oil. And sauté the onion. Cook until it caramelized.

2.Add in the lentils and rice. Stir it for another minutes.

3.Pour in the water and let it come boil. Lower the heat and let it simmer until all the lentils and rice fully cooked.

4.Season it with salts.

5.Mashed the lentils and rice till it became to potato-mashed texture like.

6.Garnish it with onions.

7.Best serve with Arabic bread.