Turmeric Chicken

It’s time for another Asian recipe. This chicken recipe went really well with the coconut milk rice, which I love! I really enjoy rice with flavor. Garlic, butter, coconut, pumpkin or anything that goes well with rice. I even had plain rice with water. I literally pour water on the rice. I remember I did that very often when I was young. The first time I had it was with my dad. I saw my grandfather did it very often, but I never tried it until my dad came home to me one day and said your mum is in the hospital giving birth to my sister, so we will be having dinner with the two of us. My dad came to me with a plate of rice and kettle fill with water. He starts to pour the water in the plate of rice. I know you guys might find it weird. But for us, it’s definitely not weird. This way, we don’t consume a lot of rice as the water will literally fills you up. And having just rice will be too dry.

So this is a great option. That was my first time tasting pure rice flavor with the clean water. I can never forget the clean taste of it. But eventually when we got older, we got introduce to more flavor and we can afford more food, we are now being spoiled with choices! I am not complaining but I do miss those old time. I guess it’s all about memories. The perfect meal is not about how expensive the food is, not about how well plated it is and it’s not cook by those Michelin star chef, but it’s about the people and memories. So if my mum going to feed us rice with water again, as long as I am with the people that I loves then it is the perfect meal. I am quite tradition deep inside of me.

Turmeric Chicken


1kg Chicken (cut into 4 parts)

1tbsp Turmeric

1tsp Chili Powder

Salt to taste

1tbsp Light Soy Sauce


1.Marinate the chicken with the turmeric, chili powder, salt and soya sauce for an hour or more.

2.Heat up a pan medium to high heat. Add in oil enough for deep-frying.

3.Deep-fry the chicken until it’s fully cooked and the skin should be crispy.

4.Best serve with rice.


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