Limoncello Tiramisu

This is one recipe that’s very light and refreshing. Definitely not those classic’s tiramisu that I’ve tasted before. Let me tell you why I decide to prepare this Tiramisu. Well, cause my friend got me a bottle of Limoncello. LOL! I seriously never heard of it. Never tasted it before. Never ever encounter with it before! And he just showed up with this bottle and told me that I am gonna love it. I tasted a bit before I decide to make a dessert using it. It’s a bit bitter with lemony taste. It’s not bad. So I figure why not make a dessert out of it. I did some googling and it seems that there are people who use this type of alcohol for tiramisu. That’s it! I ran out to get mascarpone and ladies finger! I top it up with some raspberries and shaves dark chocolate.

Limoncello Tiramisu

It’s so simple! I can whip this up within 5 minutes! No eggs needed. No whipping needed. Dead simple. But it definitely can impress your guests and friends!


500gm Mascarpone

50ml Milk

Icing Sugar to taste

Vanilla Extract

½ cup Limoncello (depends to your liking, add more if you like it then reduce the orange juice)

½ cup Orange Juice

1tsp Lemon Zest

Dark Chocolate


1 small pack Ladies Finger (as I am doing only one layer)


1.Dish up your ladies finger in a clean and nice dish plate; pour in the limoncello and orange juice. Put it aside and let the ladies finger soaked all the liquid.

2.Another clean bowl, add in the mascarpone using a fork or spoon, loosen it up with some milk. Add it in little by little until the mascarpone it’s in a soft peak whipping cream like. The measurement might be different with you guys. So keep checking the consistency.

3.Add in the lemon zest, vanilla extract and icing sugar. Mix it through.

4.Pour in the mascarpone mixture to the ladies finger.

5.Decorate it with the raspberry and shave dark chocolate.

Ain’t it easy? Come on!