Gourmet Experience

Attended the Gourmet Experience for Food Bloggers that organized by the Galleries Lafayette, Dubai Mall. Special thanks to their efforts and generosity. By the way, just to clarify something, this is not a paid ads and they never force us to blog about the event, which is awesome of them. But I think it’s nice to give them credits and I would love to share as much as possible about my experience with food! So I am gonna blog it. It was such an incredible experience for me and again, able to meet more foodies bloggers! It was great catching up with them, meeting them and enjoying the amazing foods. I’ve been to Galleries Lafayatte but never to the Gourmet section. So today was the first time stepping in. First impression? Very well organize and very clean indeed. To be very honest with you, I didn’t get to scout much inside. So no further details. But I will definitely visit the place again just so I can have some ME time.

For those who have no clue about the Lafayette Gourmet like myself, they offer some great catering for any events with good prices and good quality of food. In case you guys are looking for any of these kind of service. Check them out!

Now back to the event. Like I said on twitter, I am gonna bombard you with tons of photo. I meant it! So be prepare, get your napkins ready, as I am sure you are gonna drool! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

How cute right? They had a sign welcoming us. That’s very thoughtful of them. Indeed makes us feel special.

We were then welcome with some welcome drinks. I had a non-alcoholic Mojito.

And now, the food begins… Please forgive me if I got the name wrong, as there’s lot of foods going on that I kinda lost track. But I will try my best

Smoked Scottish Salmon with Salsa Avocado

I really enjoyed this. I love the sour taste of the salsa. I just adored both avocado and salmon. Delicious!

Lemongrass Chicken, Shaved Fennel, Beansprouts, Coriander with Sweet Peanut Dressing

The crunchiness of those shaved fennel and beansprouts. It’s so refreshing with a hint of nutty flavor. And when you bite into the chicken, you can taste the lemongrass. It’s very Thai like.

Okay.. I forgot the name for this one. But it’s Carpaccio and if you are wondering what’s the black thing sticking on top of it. It’s pan fry squid ink. I never tasted Carpaccio in my life. I heard and seen a lot of it. So there’s first time for everything. I actually find this not bad. Will I order this again? Maybe.

I didn’t get to taste this, but from the look of it. It look like buffalo mozzarella with some cherry tomatoes. I will try to find out and update it.

Bon Bon Foie Gras with Pistachio

Love the outer crust, nutty pistachio and when you bite into it, it just explodes in your mouth with the creaminess of the foie gras.

Lamb Tagine with Almonds, Prunes and Couscous

What can I say? The lamb is so tender that it almost melts in your mouth. The sweetness of the prunes was just right. And it was lay on top of the fluffy couscous.

Yaki Soba – Stir Fried Soba Noodles with Shredded Roasted Duck, Red and Green Peppers, Pak Choy and Sesame Seeds

Okay, I am a big fan of any kind of noodles. But this is not one of it. I am actually slightly disappointed with this. At least it is not up to my expectation after all the goodness that they served. This is the least of my favorite. It’s a bit too oily and it just taste like any other stir fried noodles. But ain’t the packaging cute?

Goat Cheese Parcels with Honey Dressing

Oh mine, how can I even describe this gorgeous? I can’t even find a word for these. I am madly in love with this! Crunch, Crunch, Crunch.. The crunchiness of the wonton skin.. I love them. Melted goat cheese in the middle. But do be careful; never eat it when it’s freshly fried as it tends to burn your tongue. Luckily it was serve at the right temperature. And the honey that drizzles on top of it was the perfect combination. It just goes so well together. They are happily married couple. That’s for sure.

Pad Thai – Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Seafood, Tofu, Beansprouts, Eggs, Crushed Peanuts and Spicy Thai Sauce

And again; not a big fan of it. I find it too soggy or mushy. There’s definitely taste there, but would expect it to be better. There’s definitely room for improvement.

Beef Wellington with Truffle Hollandaise

Look at these handsome. I think it definitely look more manly than girly. But baby let me tell you, the truffle hollandaise was so rich and velvety. It’s well done dish! Yum! I want more of this! Oh and it’s wrap with some mushrooms in between the pastry and the beef. I love the whole dish. Can I ask for more? Please… LOL!

Beef Paella with Artichokes, Mushrooms and Cauliflower

I’ve always tasted seafood paella but never beef paella. I like it but it was a little too salty for my liking. And I would love to have the crust at the bottom. After all it’s paella isn’t it?

Seafood Paella

My all time favorite! Feel so cozy eating it even though I am out at the mall. But still, there’s a comfort feeling towards it. Yum Yum! Thumbs up for this!

Foie Gras Croquette with Cranberry Sauce

I think this got the best rating ever among all of us! I love the touch of the sweetness from the cranberry sauce. Now I know that foie gras goes extremely well with this kind of sauce. I am starting to get hungry while blogging all this. I hope my loved one don’t wake up cause my stomach is making some noise asking me to feed em.

Look at how thoughtful are they. There’s a vegetarian blogger among us and they prepare her a special vegetarian meal. Great job!

Now are you ready for the desserts? I didn’t have high expectation on desserts. Because every single time when I go out for some dinner or events the desserts usually sucks big time. So I don’t like to order unless there’s recommendation. Or else I will just go home and prepare my own desserts. But this time, they changed my mind. There are some good desserts around. I should start discovering more of it!

I have no idea the name of all these babies. I was busy at the paella while the chef was introducing the desserts. I LOVE ALL OF IT! I can have the whole plate on my own. It wasn’t too sweet. And the flavors were great! How come I didn’t discover this place earlier? *Banging my head on the wall* I am missing a lot!

Chocolate Molten Cake with Caramel PopCorn

Chocolate? Seriously? They really know how to end this event don’t they? Who doesn’t like chocolate? I adore chocolates! I have like lot of boxes of chocolate sitting on the table, kitchen cabinet and next to my laptop table waiting for me to devour them. But this recipe; is not to my liking. I mean yes I love the chocolate but I am sure they can make it taste and look better.

I think these are mini chocolate and strawberry ice cream. It’s so cute! It definitely brings us back to child like.

Chocolate Ice Cream Pop

Look at the awesome decoration. Isn’t that impressive or what? I think they blowtorched it. I am not sure.

Chocolate with Churros

Oh my goodness, I know! Another chocolate for dessert! The churros were crunchy and slightly salty. It goes well with the dark chocolate. Salt and chocolate; it’s definitely a winner. It brings out more of the chocolate flavor.

Burp! Excuse me.. I am so full that I couldn’t walk anymore. Can someone call a cab for me?

But because of curiosity, I did a short trip at the Non Halal section (Pork Section) and the Cheese section. Check it out! Doesn’t it look amazing? There are so many varieties of cheeses. This is a must to go place for cheese lover.


And I bought this awesome balsamic vinegar. I am not gonna reveal it today. Gonna keep it as a surprise. LOL! I am just being lazy. LOL!

Hope you enjoy the long post!