Cheat Tiramisu

Have you ever crave for some dessert in the middle of the night but too lazy to whip up some dessert that just seems to takes forever? I always have those craving. But please I am not pregnant. Don’t assume that I am pregnant just because I have some serious craving. I often have crazy craving. And if I don’t get it, my whole day will be ruined! So I have to always figure out quick way to prepare food to satisfy my craving.

The other night I was craving for tiramisu in the middle of the night! It’s 2am! And since I have another tub of Mascarpone sitting in the fridge waiting for me to indulge in. I decided to whip up an extremely quick tiramisu!

Trust me it’s really quick. No eggs needed. No whipping cream needed. You must be scratching your head by now. Tiramisu is all about good espresso and good mascarpone. So these two ingredients we can never miss. Here’s the thing about this recipe. I don’t have the exact measurement as it’s 2 am. So please forgive me. But I am sure you can make it! Just follow your instinct and taste till it’s to your liking.

Cheat Tiramisu


250gm Mascarpone

1 small pack Ladies Finger



Around 50ml Milk or maybe less

Icing Sugar

Cocoa Powder


1.Place the ladies finger in a dishpan or a Tupperware since you won’t be able to finish it up in one night. It’s 2am for god sake. LOL!

2.Soaked the ladies finger with espresso and Kahlua. Let it drink up all the goodness. Drink, drink, and keep drinking my sponges.

3.In a clean bowl, put in the mascarpone. Using a spoon or fork. Start loosens it up with the milk. Pour it in slowly. Little by little. And keep stirring it. By now, you need to use your instinct. Once the mascarpone became slightly whipped cream like. Stop adding milk. As we don’t want it to be too runny. We don’t want to drink the tiramisu right?

4.Add in the icing sugar; add it to your liking. Depends how sweet you like it to be.

5.Scoop the mascarpone mixture to the ladies finger.

6.Dust it with cocoa powder.

7.And here you go! Easy, no whipping, and eggless tiramisu it done!