Sharing Dark Little Secret

AH ha! I bet you guys must be wondering what is the dark little secret that I am gonna share. And you guys must be wondering why there’s no post of recipe. Well, I was being lazy these couple of days with lots of things going on. So yes I was quite busy. Don’t have the time to go out and get ingredients to cook. Busy with events, charities and some personal stuff that I might share once it’s all confirm. But for now it’s another secret that I am keeping. I hate keeping secrets!

No worry, this post is still related to food. I only gonna blog about food. This is the whole purpose of me creating a blog. A way to express my love towards food! I wanna try my best to share with you guys, all my experience with food, both good and bad. And as you can guess with the title of the post, this is not gonna be a fancy post about food. Not that disgusting either. LOL!

Just wanna share with you my experience being a trainee in the kitchen. I am a hospitality management graduate. And let me tell you how I got into it before I share my little journey. It’s all because of one single drama series! I am not sure if I should thank them or what. Cause I have this kind of hate and love relationship towards this course. I remembered back in my final year in high school, every single evening for 2 full months there’s this Korean drama playing on the TV. It’s about hospitality, of course. I was so into it because of the lifestyle that they are showing me.

Every single day, they are working in a fancy hotel, living a fancy life and meeting tons of people. Back then I was not that into food. So food is not the reason. Studying it was fun! I am lucky enough to have such awesome course mates. But then, we will have to go for training on the 3rd semester of the course. And we have to complete our training in several departments, from F&B to housekeeping.

So, here goes the highlight of the post. The first day of my training in the kitchen was shocking! I am not gonna reveal what’s the name of the restaurant. And please don’t ask me cause I am not gonna answer. First of all, it’s all males and I was like the only female there. So it’s awkward. I have to admit that I am a little uncomfortable and little scare at the same time. I am not sure if I can cope with it. Because I know when it’s time for lunch or dinner it tends to get crazy! Trust me, it can be really crazy inside the kitchen. Screaming and shouting for the orders! Oh, they curse a lot too.

I being a trainee, my responsibility was mainly to prepare the mise en place; cutting, chopping and cleaning. You know those legworks that a trainee does. Anyway, I remembered very well that they first task that they gave me, was cleaning the chicken. It was semi frozen. And there’s LOTS OF CHICKEN!! LOTS OF THEM! “JC, clean them, quick!” said the chef.

So I started cleaning them. One by one. And after like 5 minutes, the chef came to me again to check on me. He was like “ What are you doing? You are cleaning it one by one? Just rinse it twice and it’s done! “  That was my first shocking experience. I am not sure how clean the chicken would be by just rinsing them in batches. And I seriously don’t want to know.  On the same day, the chef asked me to cut the brinjals or eggplants. So he handed me a whole lots of eggplant. I was still recovering from the shock. And the moment I hold one of the brinjal up on my hand to my chin level. I can see half of the brinjal is full of molds. It was horrible!! Horrible! And I thought I was so smart, I walked up to the chef and informed him that the brinjals are spoilt.

He came to me and say “Look sweetheart, this is not home. We don’t cook like your mother or grandmother. You see, only have the brinjal is cover with mold. The other half is ok. Just cut it out. Throw the part that’s cover with mold.” Trust me, I was almost gonna throw up imagining me eating it. I am not sure if this is how restaurant usually operates. But this particular restaurant, I am never gonna step my feet inside. I seriously hope that they change their management by now. It was a horrible experience but I learnt a lot. I learnt how they operate the kitchen. I learnt some tricks.

Thanks to them, I now always check my food well before I dig in. And thanks to them, I always try to get a peek inside their kitchen. Just to see how clean and neat it is. But to be very honest, just don’t go inside a restaurant to dine if it’s empty during lunch and dinnertime. Can you imagine how fresh it’s their ingredient? And there must be something gone terribly wrong when there’s no diner during those rush hours.

So choose wisely. And again, not all restaurants operate this way. I am just sharing with you some of my experiences. Don’t get paranoid now. LOL!

Hope you enjoy reading it. And I am gonna sign off now. Time to relax after a long busy day!