Rose Truffles

Been really busy running around lately to get my paper works done. I kinda start to doubt if I am able to keep up with my blog when I find a job. Hoping for the best still. But for now, I will try to keep it up as much as I can. I’ll be travelling to Beirut today. So I am wondering if I can blog while I am there. Will definitely try my best.

As most people know, I am known for the truffles. So I am gonna share with you another truffles recipe. Been experimenting a lot with truffles lately. I love working with chocolate. It’s so much fun and I think I gained some weight by making truffles! I just kept on tasting and tasting the chocolate!

This is a recipe that worth keeping and trying! Rose Truffles. Yes, doesn’t it sound romantic? Rose and chocolate… It’s definitely a good match! Reminds me of Valentine. I know Valentines is over. But I think I should share it out because there’s no restriction to when to make truffles or when to indulge in truffles, right?

Rose Truffles


1cup Whipping Cream

150gm Dark Chocolate (chopped)

30 Dried Rose Buds

1tsp Rose Essence or Rose Water

Cocoa Powder for dusting


1.A small pot, heat up the cream. Add in the rose buds.

2.Let it come to boil. And turn off the heat. Let it sit for 5 minutes. For the purpose of infusion.

3.Turn the heat back on, let it comes back to boil.

4.Add in the rose water.

5.Strain the cream into the chocolate.

6.Stir it until all the chocolate melted and well combined and smooth.

7.Pour the mixture into a baking dish or Tupperware. I suggest you to line it with baking paper before pouring it in.

8.Refrigate it for minimum an hour.

9.Roll the chocolate into small truffles depending to your liking how big or how small you like your truffles to be.

10.Dust the chocolate with good quality cocoa powder.

I found this place that sells different varieties of dried flowers. But I will update it on another blog post about where I found it. So stay tune!