Dried Flowers

Greetings from Beirut! Yes, I am really hardworking, aren’t I? I am still blogging while in holiday. I have to give myself some credit by eating some good food here in Beirut. I was planning to try out some good restaurant here. But let’s see if everything goes with my plan. I am not good in planning for trips I guess. Cause I always end up doing something else.

So this is a quickie blog post. On my previous post, I said I would reveal where I bought those dried flowers in Dubai. I wanted to get edible flowers but still in the searching mode. If any of you know where I can find those fresh edible flowers in Dubai please drop me a message or comment below. Thank you!

I bought a magazine while in the Supermarket the other day. I forgot the name of the magazine. But it’s related to food, of course. They recommended that the Milk & Honey that’s located in the Palm Jumeirah. It stated that they sell these edible flowers. So I went and scouted the whole place. I couldn’t find it. So I asked the salesperson inside the store.

He tried to check it out for me but he ended up giving me these varieties of dried flowers. I asked for fresh one. He said they don’t have it. I took a look at these dried flowers and thought to myself. We can’t end up with nothing after we drove all the way here to find those edible flowers. I ended up buying the dried flowers. I thought to myself, I am sure I can make use of these.

And I did! LOL! The Rose Truffles. But there are other flowers that I never heard of. So I have lots to research. Hoping I can make use of all of these dried flowers. I personally find it quite expensive. Cause in my country, I can find it for way cheaper. But again, we can’t always compare the prices to our home country.

But the place it self, it’s a very nice place. They have lots of imported products and they all look so nice! I just wish I could afford to buy all of it!

Dried Flowers from Milk and Honey, Palm Jumeirah