This will be my very first attempt of baking macarons. I always wanted to bake it, but after tons of researching and hearing from the experts. I hold it back from trying it just because my house was not fully equipped with the kitchen equipment specially the oven. Now that I moved to a new place, and there’s an oven in the kitchen, I kinda abused it to the maximum! Poor oven… I started baking more often recently just because I am getting the hang of it at work, less worries and of course I am too excited that I am going home soon for holiday!

What’s first baking macaron experience?

The only time consuming part is when sifting the almond powder, I tried to sift it the finest I could. But if you pass this stage, the steps later on it’s really quick. I won’t say that it’s easy cause I am still figuring some tricks out cause the macarons that I baked today still needs improvement. The taste is there, but just the look that I need to perfect it.



To be honest, I am not a huge fan of macarons cause it’s kinda sweet but I just love seeing it and once in a while I thought of having it.


It’s not perfect but it’s delicious and thank goodness I got the crown or feet as some people describe it as.

It is very challenging but I like it. I am gonna try another batch soon. So for now I won’t reveal the recipe until I got the perfect macarons. By the way if you are wondering what filling I put inside, it’s chocolate ganache.

These jewels it’s crunchy from the outside and chewy in the middle, with the bittersweet chocolate ganache as the filling to cut down the sweetness. It’s heavenly.