Sort of Malaysian Breakfast

Since I changed the layout of my blog, I lost all the pictures on the previous posts which is seriously annoying and I just don’t have the patience to fix it back. I guess I have to start from scratch or you just need to be slightly patience with me to try to dig back all the previous pictures on my back up hard disk.

Since it’s weekend and I had a pretty good sleep last night, I decided to make a quick Malaysian breakfast. I remember eating this regularly when I was young back in my hometown. It’s just a simple soft boiled egg but it’s really good! The only thing that I am struggling its the timing of it. Some of the article mentioned it only takes 6 mins but in fact it’s around 10 mins for me. I guess it’s the size of the eggs that I uses.

I just wish I have this yellow and white plastic container, it’s such a simple mechanism but the eggs cook perfectly every single time! I remember those casual food store that I usually went for breakfast with my parents, they uses the same. All they need to do is to pour in hot water and let the water flow and voila the perfect soft boiled egg.

Malaysia’s Style Soft Boiled Egg

IMG_4645All you need are eggs, black pepper, soy sauce and hot boiling water.

In a pot, pour in the hot boiling water, slowly place the eggs in the pot and close the lid. Let it sit for 10 mins. Thanks to the technology nowadays, timer is available on almost every single smart phone.

Tick tock! Tick tock! I’m usually starving and impatient.. and just keep checking on the timer. So meanwhile, I cut some leftover baguette into small stick form and rub in some olive oil. Place it on a baking pan and let it bake for 5 – 10 mins until it’s slightly golden brown. You can definitely serve the eggs with some toasted milk bread. It works too!

RIIIIIING!! Times up! Let’s crack the egg open and let that soft oozing eggs falls softly on a serving pot or cup. Drizzle some soy sauce and sprinkle some black pepper for taste. And the delicious breakfast is ready to be serve.

IMG_4648By the way, all these photos been taking with my iphone. So pardon the quality.