New Start

1st of November 2015

My new journey officially started which mean I finally quit my day job. I know a lot of people might be curious as to why I quit a stable job in a multinational company. First of all, I just want to clarify something, it has nothing to do with the company. It is the best company to work with! The people are amazing and super supportive. I am honoured to work with them.

But did you ever encounter a phase in your life where you are kinda lost and feel like you are kinda stuck? That’s me but of course there are other factors that plays a huge role in the decision making. To be honest with you, I am nervous as I am not so sure what’s coming my way. Hopefully I will be more active with the blog and some other surprises that I will share in a later stage.

This year it’s been a roller coaster ride. Ups and downs…. I am not planning to share the down since I am not here to depress you guys. LOL!

To start of with, end of last year something amazing happened!

I got MARRIED! I’m married to my partner in crime, my best friend, my life partner, and my love! So here are some photos, since I’m not planning to share pictures of my husband on the blog, I blurred out his face. Hope you understand.

B (95)

B (161)


I really love this red dress. I wish I can keep it but again, when will I wear it again??


Of course we can’t miss out the traditional outfit!

Some people asked me if I even feel anything since we’ve been together for 9 years and we’ve been living together for years before marriage. So practically we are like husband and wife. I thought the same but surprisingly, I felt nervous and excited when we were signing the marriage certificate. Now we are happily married with our little one. I meant our dog.

I am really looking forward to start the new venture! Will definitely keep you guys posted!