Eyelashes Extension?

For those who doesn’t know me, I’ve been living in Dubai for almost 7 years now. (If I am not mistaken) I kinda lost count.. Anyway, now I can proudly say that Dubai is my 2nd home. Since Dubai is a hub for business, which means a lot of job opportunities created and it attracted people like us and did I forget to mention that it’s a tax free country?? So Dubai is full of expatriates who came for better career path, or financial.

From a small town to a big city like Dubai where its full of people from different countries, I definitely learnt a lot and seen a lot of different kind of people, culture and etc…. One of the things that I notice is that most middle eastern ladies have these beauty luscious eye lashes that most Asian don’t, that include me!!! I mean come on! Even my partner have these beautiful eye lashes! There are times that I just want to pluck his eyelashes and glued it on my eyes. LOL!

I know fake eye lashes exist, but honestly, I will not glue it on every single day! I seriously don’t have the time for it and let’s admit, some of the fake lashes does look fake. The other day, I came across an eyelashes extension service in one of the salon in Dubai that I visit occasionally to fix my nails and threading. Obviously I booked an appointment for it!

I was pretty nervous cause these extension will last for 2 weeks which is P.E.R.F.E.C.T! But I was worry that it will look fake. So I told the beauty expert that I don’t want it to look to dramatic/fake. The whole process took around 30 -45 minutes. It’s absolutely painless!! I just encountered a slight discomfort cause the glue kinda slipped in when I tried to open my eyes.

IMG_5056See how amazing it transformed my eyes??? Obviously left side with the extension and the right isn’t. My eye immediately opened up!

I now have eyelashes. You know what’s funny? Since the extension, I always feel like there’s a pair of hand fan on my eye lid.download (1) For those who doesn’t know what a hand fan is.

Now it’s time for one selfies. Just cause I am happy with the extension!!


Extension is beautiful but because lash extensions are applied using surgical glue it is essential to keep it out of your eyes, which is another reason a skilled aesthetician is so very important. Before I start the procedure, the beauty expert applied a small amount of the glue on my neck as a part of allergic reaction. It is super important and I am glad I did. It can go from good to pretty bad if you are allergic to it.

The only con that I can find is that the service can be costly if you do it regularly and I not sure how good it is for your natural eyelashes. So I wouldn’t recommend it on a regular basis.

How’s the maintenance? It isn’t that difficult to be honest. For the first 2 – 3 days, I avoided sauna or any kind of steam room. I will have to stick to oil free based make up remover which is not a problem for me since I only use these amazing Bioderma make up remover.

Overall, I am loving it!