Another shiny day in Dubai after 2 days of gloomy and rainy days which I love! Please rain more often…

What do I do on my daily basis since I left my corporate job?

As of this second, I am writing this post while enjoying my cup of coffee and watching the news.. I stopped posting for almost a week now, as I am really not in the mood to post anything after everything that are happening around the world. Everyday when we turned on the news channel and there they go.. all the crazy and depressing news.. People killing each other, poverty everywhere and etc..

Which got me thinking that I should really be grateful for what we have.

We live comfortably

We have a shelter

We have food

We have clean water

We live in a safe and stable country

Friends and families are safe and sound

We pretty much have everything.

And these are the basic needs which to be honest, some people in some areas are lacking.. So I thought if I could help, it would be great. Since we will be moving out from our current place soon, I took this opportunity to clean up the closet and I found blankets and warm clothes that we don’t need. I packed them up nicely and hoping to donate it to people in need. When I sat down in front of my computer to research where to donate, I realized that I have no idea where I can donate it to and most organizations are just looking for financial support.

I do donate in financial form from time to time but I am not so sure how reliable and trustworthy they are with financial donation / support as I am pretty sure many of you might have heard some rumors about the money we donated are not going to the people in need.

What world are we living in that helping someone in need is a challenge…. In any case, the pile of blankets and clothes are still sitting in my living room, so if any of you have any contact, please do not hesitate to drop me a message.