First Home

You got it right! We bought our first house in July! Due to privacy matter, I will not disclosed the location of the house, the maximum I can tell you is that the property is located in UAE. When we first got the house, the first thing that came into mind is that we will renovate it and make it look awesomely good.

The moment we signed the property agreement, I went online and start searching for interior designer who can provide an A to Z service. As for this, I have to thank the technology and social media, cause I posted an inquiry on Facebook and I started receiving a lot of messages from company to freelancer. Initially we wanted to set up a few meeting to determine who we want to work with, but this one particular freelancer sent us her portfolio and to be honest, it was impressive. So I decided to meet her up to give her a short brief on what we are looking for.

I truly like the professionalism and passion she have towards interior design and she understood what I was looking for, which is perfect! But as my partner always said, never keep your door close so I look for other options, Outcome??? Naaah… That’s how the project starts.

After a few meetings, she presented us with mood board and some samples of the material that she will be using.


The whole process doesn’t take much time but apparently we have to apply for NOC (No Objection) letter from the developer to make any changes both interior and exterior which took us quite some time. A lot of back and forth, lots of paper works, and miscommunications.. It can be quite confusing with legality here. After a couple of weeks, we managed to get the approval! So the renovation been going on for almost a month now and we still have a long way to go.

Once the house is done and we moved in, I will put up a before and after post. I am so looking forward to move in!