Update – Home Sweet Home

Happy New Year everyone! I know it’s late but better than never. We’ve been busy with renovation and moving to our very own micasa plus my parents came over for Christmas vacation with us. YES YES YES! Finally we moved in and today is the first day I actually felt settled down. Now I have the time to write an update post while waiting for my fasoulia boiling away.. and that’s our dinner for today.

I miss home cooked food.. I weren’t able to cook much lately due to the renovation that were on going. The maximum that I can prepare is a melted cheese with jambon sandwich serve with a cup of hot Lipton tea. I do intend to cook slightly more often now or should I say bake more often? Hmm…. baking sounds really tempting now since I got a new oven!

What an experience trying to turn on the oven for the first time, I have to actually google a manual and read it when I was in a hurry to cook our Christmas dinner. I was super nervous cause it’s the first time in my life to cook for my parents! Thank God everything went well that day. Since when the electrical appliances became so complicated? Why can’t they make a simple and tradition power on off button??? Oven was one of the item that I have to read the manual, did I tell you about the cooking hub? How about the dish washer? And microwave???? I seriously think they should go back to the simple on off button.

The house it’s almost complete, it’s just missing some final touches to make the house pretty! So here is some before and after renovation.





BEFORE – Master Bedroom


AFTER – Master Bedroom


Another favorite place of mine is the bathroom of master bedroom.





It’s so spacious and clean looking. I can spend hours here. Okay, that sounds crazy but I really do love it! LOL

My fasoulia is now bubbling away, which mean it’s time to start cooking. I will update you with more pictures once the other areas are ready.