Beef Bourguignon

I never thought of being a blogger as I don’t like to over share my daily routine or personal life and this is why I am not the most active blogger but my life partner have been very supportive and he actually encourage me to write. You see, I might not have lot of readers but I don’t care. I figured it will be a good medium for me to express myself, so I know I should blog more often. I just need inspiration.. a lot of it.

Another way for me to express myself is through cooking or baking, again, I have been lacking in that front as well. With what’s happening recently, I am really not in the mood for anything! I seriously hope that everything will settle down soon so that I can dedicate more time on it.

The day my life partner.. well hold on, I should give him a name, let’s call him “Seraphim” Much easier with a name huh? So let’s come back to the topic…

The day Seraphim comes back from his business trip, I prepared him an authentic Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon. I was inspired by the movie of Julie and Julia, I ain’t sure how many times I watched that movie. I never get bored of that movie. The moment that the movie ended, I drove out to the supermarket and bought all the ingredients needed.

I came back home, turned on the music and I was prepared mentally that it’s gonna be a long cooking process with a lot of steps compared to my previous version of cheat beef bourguignon but I soon realised that I wasn’t prepared physically. And that was mid way through the cooking. LOL! No turning back! Apparently I had a blood clot on my leg due to traveling so I actually felt the pain while standing. I was so excited preparing the dish, so that Seraphim can have a nice home cooked meal the moment he reaches home from the airport that I just completely ignored the pain.

I have to admit, it’s a freaking long process to cook this dish, so the whole time I was reading the instructions carefully so that I don’t screwed up the dish. I am not gonna spent all this time and ended up with a horrible dish. You know what I mean? I don’t have a back up plan..


It’s almost there… I love the smell of red wine but I am such a lousy drinker. You do not want to see me drink…


In the oven it goes! For 3 hours.. YES! 3 hours! That’s freaking long.. Time is ticking and Seraphim will be landing soon. What I did during that 3 hours? CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! Clean up the mess! Such a mess.. The pots, the pans and etc.. and I actually whipped up a quick mashed potatoes to go along with the beef. The super buttery mashed potatoes..


3 hours later.. it’s finally done. Actually it was just right in time. Insanity with my time management. I should really learn to manage it better.

The meat is so flavourful but it can be more tender if I cook it a bit longer. It goes so well with the mashed potatoes. The super soft and sweet carrots and onions. YUM! YUM! Definitely worth all my time and effort. I really enjoyed the dinner or should I call it supper since we had it at around 11PM! I don’t think I will cook this version again anytime soon due to the long hour of cooking unless I am motivated by the movie again.