New Discovery

I am finally back to my 2nd home. It’s been such a hectic time from house renovation to traveling back home for Chinese New Year celebration (wishing you all Gong Xi Fa Cai) to sorting out some personal matter that it’s still ongoing. I ain’t sure when I will be able to finally get it sorted but I am really hoping that it will be real soon as it’s getting really frustrating.

Traveling back to Malaysia is always fun. Not only cause of my family but the beauty shopping! Oh! Where should I start?! I have always been a big fan of Asian beauty secret which means every time I head back to Malaysia, I will stock up beauty products for a year especially on the sheet masks and other unique products. Yes! That’s a lot! I know… but I only do that once a year. I guess it’s reasonable?

This trip back to Malaysia, I was in a mission to scout for a LED light therapy device. I heard so much about the therapy and I actually gave it try in a skin clinic. I was really impress by the immediate result. I know that I can’t afford to visit the clinic often, so I would rather opt for a home device even though I know that it’s not gonna be as effective as those professional devices.

Every time I travel back, I always tried to stay a night in Kuala Lumpur before heading back to my hometown and I usually stays in Bukit Bintang area, obviously, cause it’s a shopping district and it’s super convenient. The second I checked in to the hotel, I immediately head out to have a quick lunch, and I always ended up at the same place ordering the same food. Madam Kwan, Nasi Lemak. This time I was super lucky as I saw Madam Kwan in person!

Nasi Lemak.jpg

Picture above taken from Madam Kwan’s website.

Pictures are always deceiving when it comes to food right? But NO! It look exactly the same when I ordered it at Madam Kwan! The taste was superb. It’s to die for! It’s served with Acar (it’s a type of pickled vegetable) on the side. I wish they sell it in bottle or jar. I would have bought a few.

Now that my stomach is satisfied, I went straight to hunting mode. Checking all the beauty stores available within the proximity as I was too tired to travel further. Nothing super interesting until I got into Sephora, I found the LED light therapy device from SkinInc.

I know SkinInc for their customize serum and I am using it on a daily basis. I love everything that I can customize, it just makes me feel special and that they really care. It might not be true, but who cares!

The device itself it’s a bit costly but I think it’s worth a try, unfortunately the one that’s on the shelves is different than the one that I was looking for. I was looking for the Tri-Light version. So I went to their website and bought it online. LOL!

Don’t get me wrong, I did not come out of Sephora empty handed. I actually bought the other device too, along with a lot of Serums and other beauty products.

I received the package the next day I arrived to Dubai! So excited!


SkinInc Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light – The name alone is super long and super techie! But I love it!

It’s basically a super light hand device, 5 benefits – Repair, Glow, Soothe, Optimize and V-Sculpt.


Red Light it’s my favorite by far.

What it does? – Renew and repair damaged skin cells. Increase collagen and elastin production.


Blue Light, I don’t see as much different yet but I shall wait for the right time to test it out.

What it does? – Alleviate acne, oily or congested skin and calm skin sensitivity.


Yellow Light

What it does? – Revive dull skin for a brighter complexion.

What I like to do is to of course to start of with a clean face.

I will then apply the customize serum. When you buy the serum from SkinInc, it comes in small bottles (on the right) Each bottle target a specific skin concern. Once you picked your serums, all you need to do is to pour all of it to the big bottle (on the left) Shake it well and it’s ready to be use. It’s basically a skin cocktail serums.


Follow by moisturiser and either a hydrating mask or my all time favorite Argan oil. I like to alternate it on daily basis and I usually use the skin device at night after my shower. It’s like my pampering time.

Once I apply the oil / mask, I will set the device into the color therapy I want and start massaging my face in circular motion (clockwise) gently. According to their website, you can use it twice daily but I only use it once a day. I think it’s more than enough. The device will turn it off on it’s on after 10 minutes which is amazing cause I just hate device without timer.

Overall rating? I would say it’s good enough for daily use but if you need an intense treatment, then it’s better to visit the skin clinic.