Hair Color

I have always been interested with colored hair and this is one of the reason I keep changing my hair color and I do get bored easily! If only hair coloring doesn’t damage the hair.. or else I would have change my hair color everyday. Now my problem is that due to my semi damage hair, my hair stylist isn’t willing to bleach my hair.. I wanted the ash grey color so badly!

I can’t do much about it at this point except WAIT and treat my hair. I will try to stop coloring my hair until my hair gets better. I said try… Let’s finger cross and let’s see how long I can stand with the same color.

The below pictures are the changes of my hair for the past 6 months :


It all started with this hair color…


I got bored after 3 months, so I decided to change it. We first washed the previous hair color away and re color it to a slightly brighter cooper color (on the right) I regretted the 1st color cause the hint of red is so stubborn! It just lingered there even after washing it.


To the curling style at some point.. I kinda like it but I am too lazy to keep up with styling my hair everyday.


To cutting my fringe and even shorter hair.. cause I look like a lion if I don’t. I have quite a volume and wavy hair. I wanted to keep my hair long but it’s just so annoying!


To the current hair color! Brighter cooper! I just realised that it’s getting brighter each time. I can’t wait to try other color!

I have been following GuyTang on Instagram.. and damn he’s so talented! I wish he’s here! So that he can do some magic to my hair!

Did you see that??!! I wanted to try these color from GuyTang! You guys should so follow him on his YouTube channel and Instagram to see more of his amazing work!