What’s cooking today in the kitchen?

After yesterday’s post, it inspired me to prepare another pasta dish but I was trying to be slightly more adventurous. So I thought of Cannelloni. I never prepared the dish before and weird enough, I never tasted one. It’s not something that I would order in a restaurant.

So I prepared a Ricotta Spinach Cannelloni for dinner.

I was just finger crossing the entire time while preparing it cause I wasn’t sure what to expect.

What consistency am I looking for?

How well should the pasta be cooked?

I ain’t sure!

But logically speaking, the pasta should be pretty al dente as it will cook down further in the oven or else it would be way too mushy. Right? And I was right on that front!

As for the Ricotta’s filling, I guess the consistency shouldn’t be too watery or thin. The only problem was I kinda added slightly too much salt. LOL! But trust me, it still taste good. If I’ve cut down on the salt, it would be a perfect meal.


So I was trying to pipe the filling to each of the pasta. Was pretty therapeutic. I can do this for hours. The red sauce was just a simple tomato sauce. Nothing fancy.

FullSizeRender 3

As for the filling, it consists of ricotta cheese, egg, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, chopped basil (loads of it), chopped spinach and salt and pepper to taste. I would definitely go easy on the salt. I learnt my mistake and I would actually add more pepper.

FullSizeRender 4

Once all line up nicely.. if you noticed, the back row doesn’t have any filling! LOL! Another problem but it wasn’t a big issue.

Now, just drizzles more cheeses on top (mozzarella) but I added the leftover parmesan as well. Not gonna waste it. And back it in the oven till all the cheeses melted.


There are a few things that I really love; cheese (to be more specific, melted cheese), chocolate, butter and coffee….. Can never go wrong with these….