Cooking Experiment

I have been cooking quite often lately and been experimenting different recipes. Every morning, I start my day with a good cup of Ipoh coffee and with a bunch of cook books on the side. I start reading and getting inspire on what to cook. I am not the type of person who will plan my meal ahead of time cause I just change my mind ten million times a day.

Once I get the dinner menu sorted out, I will head to my daily routine which always includes the last pit stop to grocery shopping.

Here’s some of the food that I’ve prepared so far this week :

Simple Roast Chicken served with celeriac puree (which I find it super yum and apparently much healthier than potatoes and I can totally substitute it with potatoes puree) but unfortunately, it wasn’t Seraphim’s favourite. I guess I will have to stick back to potatoes..


For those who aren’t sure how celeriac looks like…


It is basically the root of the celery so it does have a slight hint of celery taste to it.

The same day I bought some strawberries but it wasn’t sweet so I just simply tempered some chocolate that I have in the pantry and dipped in all the strawberries! Voila dessert is done. No cooking needed on this one. LOL!


I actually have one more meal that I prepared but I forgot to take a picture.

It was a Braised Beef in Red Wine.

The recipe is quite simple. No fancy ingredients needed unless you think red wine is a fancy ingredient. The meat was so tender and flavourful, braising it for 3 hours really pays off. But if you have a pressure cooker, it will definitely shorten the time by A LOT.

So last night I wasn’t feeling too well cause I think I caught a cold, even till this morning I wasn’t feeling the best so I needed some cozy / comfort food. So I whipped up a quick green bean stew served with steamed jasmine rice. Rice is considered my lover. Yes I have a love affair with rice and I am pretty sure you will say cause I am Asian. Yes yes yes… I am Asian…


As the dessert, it’s a warm cherry clafoutis. I have never tasted a clafoutis but when I saw it on Food Network.. Damn! It look so good and so warm.. I thought to myself that I have to taste it so I decided to make one myself. It looks good in the picture but the taste was just so so for me cause it’s kinda eggy. I need to try another recipe maybe it’ll get better? Let me know if you have a good recipe without the strong eggy taste to it. There’s something I like about the clafoutis, it was the warm and sweet cherries.


That’s it for now.. and it’s time for me to think of what to eat tomorrow!