Master Chef Australia

Good Morning lovelies! I hope you guys had a great weekend! I had an interesting one indeed and I will share it with you on another post. As of today, I want to share with you on my experience with the renowned Master Chef Australia in Dubai. First of all, I would like to thank the organisers who brought them in to Dubai for the Dubai Food Festival! I think all foodies appreciate that! Honestly, I am really proud that Dubai Food Festival is getting more eventful year after year. Great job guys!

How did I joined the classes? It was really a last minute thing. I swear. I remember checking on Dubai Calendar to see what’s happening this year, if there’s any interesting event that I would be interested in. So I literally checked out the calendar month by month, and I encountered the masterclass with the Master Chef Australia. I actually hesitated for a while cause I wasn’t sure what to expect from it and I thought I will be intimidated. I just wasn’t sure but in the end, I was like whatever! I will go and check it out.

I booked one master class with Chef Matt Moran and a live cooking demonstration with Chef Gary Mehigan. I went there on a Friday afternoon to attend the live cooking demo, and I was there half an hour earlier and I saw Chef George Calombaris conducting his live cooking demo. I have to say, it felt surreal to see them in person.

I sat and waited for a while… I wished I got a cup of coffee with me while waiting. Anyway, it was our turn for the session, I was quite unlucky to be honest cause a tall guy sat in front of me. So I have to keep finding my way to see the cooking stage. LOL.

Gary Mehigan did a quick demo on Chocolate Souffle and Bitter Chocolate Mousse with Cherry Caramel. We only received the Chocolate Souffle recipe though. Overall experience was okay for me as most of the questions that the participants asked was related to the Masterchef shows itself. I would have prefer a slightly more cooking technical questions or cooking experience questions.


Gary Mehigan conducting the live cooking demo


Just a selfie with Gary Mehigan! (blushed)

On Saturday morning, I went to the cooking school again for the Master Class with Chef Matt Moran. This time, we will be preparing something instead of watching and listening.

The dish that we learnt and prepared was Warm Lobster with Kombu Butter and Ice Plant. Now this, we did not get any recipe so if we want to re-cook the dish at home, you better write down the steps and ingredients really well.

It started off by him cooking the dish once and then we are off to the station. It’s 2 person per station. I have to say, it was quite a simple dish and the whole experience brought me back to when I was in my college’s kitchen training. All the memories… Bitter and sweet. It was an interesting moment in my life.



Of course I need a solo photo with him! YAY! Honestly, weird enough to say that the feeling it’s like teenagers meeting their idol for the first time. LOL! I feel young again!

FullSizeRender (1)

And this is the dish! Oh did I tell you that it was my breakfast! Beat that!