I missed you…

Yes.. I missed you… This is a 3 months old post that I didn’t get a chance to write about it.

Most of you might know that we moved in to our new micasa during Christmas Eve but I am not sure if I’ve mentioned that my parents came to join us for the first time during Christmas holiday! It was hectic for all of us cause the contractors were still fixing the minor things and final touches at home but it was really nice to have my parents around.

On the day my parents flew back to Malaysia, Seraphim and I went to Maldives to celebrate our very first wedding anniversary. I have to say.. Time flies… but we did not feel it and I think that’s a good sign. I was really looking forward to it until there was some stupid issue with the house and Seraphim was pretty sick. We almost canceled the trip but he insisted that we needed a break from the hectic renovation and moving and that we both needed to just rest it out.

So we took off to Maldives! I saw so many pictures online and on TV but I was still skeptical about the whole crystal clear beach and so on cause I just don’t believe it until I sees it. It was around 4-5 hours flight from Dubai to Maldives. I slept throughout the flight so I wasn’t sure what’s going on until we landed at the airport. It’s a small cute airport. Once we went through the immigration and collected our luggage bags, we were greeted by one of the guest service from the hotel we booked in. Now I didn’t know which hotel we will be staying in until I saw the hotel’s name in the waiting area cause this time, it wasn’t me who make the booking.


Our guest service was very nice and friendly. He guided us to the hotel’s waiting area in the airport so that once all the guests arrives, we will then take a ride on the boat to the resort.

I have to say, the yacht was a beauty. It was; I think the most beautiful and luxurious yacht available at that port.


The ride was amazing.. Stunning view.. Love the breeze.. The smell of the sea water is just amazing. Throughout the ride, they have served us some welcome drinks, pastries and fresh fruits. It was a 20 minutes ride but it was the most relaxing 20 minutes ride. I said relaxing cause I usually get sea sick. LOL.

When we almost arrive at the resort, we saw a group of staff standing at the dock welcoming us! It was such a lovely experience, I did not expect that.


What a good start of a relaxing vacation.

The moment we arrived at the dock, we were then greeted by our personal butler who showed us around the resort and help us with the check in. She gave us a few recommendation on what activities we can do in the island while driving us to our villa.


I didn’t manage to take a lot of pictures during this trip cause I basically switched off my phone and disconnected from the world. LOL.


This is the view from the bedroom. When we went it was Jan and to be honest, the weather was hot but windy. Very windy….


The next day we took a jet ski and went to this secluded island for a quick snorkelling. You see, I don’t swim and it freaked me out a little but when I saw the coral reefs, it’s so beautiful and I understood why people are so into diving. The underwater world is so majestic..


The same day, we went to chill at a bar to see the sunset. It’s so relaxing..

Now, I have to be honest at one thing though, the food….. was very disappointing. I had a mixed grill seafood and all of it, I meant all of it, was overcooked and it wasn’t the freshest. The Creme Brulee that I ordered was the worst one I had so far. They can’t even make a simple caprese salad well.

But overall, the incomparable luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for our honeymoon!

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I miss you.. princessy bed…