Picked Up Something New

If you recall, my previous post was about me being a plant murderer… I am pretty much on the right track to becoming one.. As I mentioned earlier, I started with the following seeds…



Basil – Surviving

Sunflower – Most of it CERTIFIED except 2 hanging there…


The infamous Basil! At least something is growing but I am not sure how long this will last..


Now this is one’s a disaster.. only 2 sunflowers left… Epic failure.. You can see the other corpses still hanging around.. Actually I am still hoping that it will revive..

Finger crossing on this one..

Since I updated you guys on my planting journey.. I thought why not let you guys know that I picked up a new hobby.. I started crochet/knitting.. Yes.. You guys might think that I starting to become an old lady.. Gardening.. Knitting.. Cooking… but hey, I just adore handiwork. I find it magical..



No harm on that. So please put that joke aside.

My very first attempt is the most basic granny square. I was actually pretty worried that I will not be able to complete the entire project as it requires a lot of patience. Imagine knitting the same thing for like forever! But I kept telling myself that I need to at least complete one project. AND I DID!!


I was so excited that I was like halfway completing the blanket.. until I realized that I need more of that granny squares!! I was so pissed that I ended up cursing and I almost gonna give up. Cause I am sick of granny squares! I wanna see the end result!


I went out to the stores and search for more thread.. Guess what! They were OOS! So I drove for hours, visited 4 stores just to get the thread.

I can’t just give up now right??

After days of knitting.. finally.. the complete blanket!

I have to say.. It felt pretty good.


Satisfaction.. Motivated to knit more… but again, what do I do with this? Can I actually sell it?