More Knitting

It all started off with a simple granny square….

I have to admit that I got bored of knitting the same pattern all the time, so I switched to other patterns once in a while. Just so that I can complete the projects without feeling frustrated. I seriously have no idea how other knitters does it.. Insanity!

Here goes some of the projects I’ve completed so far :

These are the cutest baby booties ever! It’s so fun knitting it. I can knit these all day long.


Baby sandals.. At first I thought I knit incorrectly because the size it’s just way too small, but then apparently it’s the correct sizes. Babies feet are so tiny!!

And this is the most fun project ever! I made myself a pouf! I used 6 hours to complete this cute pouf cause I made a few mistakes at the beginning that I have to disassemble the entire pouf and start all over again TWICE!!


Lastly would be a pillow cover.. which I am still working on…. but I love the combination of the color..

Till next time! See ya all!